Meet Realtor Ashley Nowak

“They’re lots of agents out there and they’re not all equal.” We at Rochester Revitalization pride ourselves with thinking outside of the box. We go all-in or nothing at all. When it comes with working with a realtor, we expect the realtor to not just to get the job done, but also get the job … Continue reading “Meet Realtor Ashley Nowak”

Tutorial Tuesday: The Win-Win Situation

For this week’s special Tutorial Tuesday mini-series, Shawn goes over a successful story of Rochester Revitalization buying a house a son inherited from his late parents. Here the tale of this win-win situation below. Just like Shawn said in the video, if you need any help with a property, please contact us! Please follow and … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: The Win-Win Situation”

Buyers Guide in a Seller’s Market

First Things First: What’s a Seller’s Market? A seller’s market in the housing environment means that there are more people buying homes than there are sellers. This can mean higher asking prices, quicker sales, more competition for homes and a slew of other things that make life harder for buyers. To make matters worse, buyers … Continue reading “Buyers Guide in a Seller’s Market”