Meet Realtor Ashley Nowak

“They’re lots of agents out there and they’re not all equal.” We at Rochester Revitalization pride ourselves with thinking outside of the box. We go all-in or nothing at all. When it comes with working with a realtor, we expect the realtor to not just to get the job done, but also get the job … Continue reading “Meet Realtor Ashley Nowak”

Tutorial Tuesday: Relieving the Burden

For this week’s story behind the property, Shawn shares how Rochester Revitalization obtained the house that is now also being renovated by Rochester Revitalization. We buy houses at Rochester Revitalization, regardless of the circumstances, Rochester Revitalization will find a way to work with you! If you or someone you know have a house for sale, … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: Relieving the Burden”

Tutorial Tuesday: I Can Rehab It For You Wholesale

In this week’s video Shawn shares the story behind a property Rochester Revitalization obtained through a wholesale. The previous owner acquired the property at an auction and attempted to flip the house. Hear how we obtained the house below. Every week we say that Rochester Revitalization is here to help and we mean it! Whether … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: I Can Rehab It For You Wholesale”

Tutorial Tuesday: The FSBO Turnaround

Is your dream house too big for you and is now becoming a nightmare? For this week’s video, Shawn shares a story behind a FSBO property that Rochester Revitalization had acquired. The couple was of retirement age and their house was simply too big for them. How the owners came to know of Rochester Revitalization … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: The FSBO Turnaround”

Tutorial Tuesday: The Necessity Sale

For this week’s Story Behind the House, Shawn shares the tale of the “Necessity Sale”. The house was in the family for multiple generations and when the last generation moved out of state, the house sat vacant. Watch the video below to hear how Rochester Revitalization came into the picture. As Shawn mentioned in the … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: The Necessity Sale”