Tutorial Tuesday: Pardon the Interruption (10-09-18)

Rochester Revitalization is always look for houses to buy in Rochester, NY and this week’s video is showcasing another house rehab currently in progress. Our Director of Operations was able to walk us through the house when we first acquired it and it’s current progress now. Watch the video below and be sure to watch … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: Pardon the Interruption (10-09-18)”

Tutorial Tuesday: Kingsboro Revisited (10-02-18)

For this week’s video, our Director of Operations Shawn Essler shows us the before and after shots of a recently rehabbed property in Rochester, NY. Believe it or not, we actually used this very same property a couple of Tutorial Tuesdays ago to show what an interior and exterior scope of work would look like … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: Kingsboro Revisited (10-02-18)”

Tutorial Tuesday: Rehab Begins (09-25-18)

Our Director of Operations Shawn Essler walks through a property currently in the early rehab stages in Rochester’s North Winton neighborhood. As you can see here, we here at Rochester Revitalization have a lot of work ahead of us! Be sure to come back and check on our progress soon! If you or someone you … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: Rehab Begins (09-25-18)”

Tutorial Tuesday: Completing the Job

Rochester Revitalization’s Director of Operations Shawn Essler reintroduces us to a property acquired a couple of months ago. Today’s video completes the journey of a house we purchased in Rochester, NY Site Unseen and then used as an example of What We Did Wrong midway through the renovation to the finished house flip below. It’s … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: Completing the Job”

Tutorial Tuesday: Relieving the Burden

For this week’s story behind the property, Shawn shares how Rochester Revitalization obtained the house that is now also being renovated by Rochester Revitalization. We buy houses at Rochester Revitalization, regardless of the circumstances, Rochester Revitalization will find a way to work with you! If you or someone you know have a house for sale, … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: Relieving the Burden”