Tutorial Tuesday: I Can Rehab It For You Wholesale

In this week’s video Shawn shares the story behind a property Rochester Revitalization obtained through a wholesale. The previous owner acquired the property at an auction and attempted to flip the house. Hear how we obtained the house below. Every week we say that Rochester Revitalization is here to help and we mean it! Whether … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: I Can Rehab It For You Wholesale”

Tutorial Tuesday: The FSBO Turnaround

Is your dream house too big for you and is now becoming a nightmare? For this week’s video, Shawn shares a story behind a FSBO property that Rochester Revitalization had acquired. The couple was of retirement age and their house was simply too big for them. How the owners came to know of Rochester Revitalization … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: The FSBO Turnaround”

Tutorial Tuesday: Post Rehab (a.k.a. Sales Mode)

When getting a property ready for sale, it’s important to do a walk through and ensure that potential buyers can picture themselves there as well. Remember the rehab Rochester Revitalization had in progress on Harvard Street? Mark shows us the finished housing project and where he made improvements to the property. This Rochester, NY property … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: Post Rehab (a.k.a. Sales Mode)”

Tutorial Tuesday: How to Get Started in Real Estate When You Have a Full-Time Job

Have you thought about getting into real estate but are unsure whether you can while still working full-time? The answer to that questions is yes. This week Ricky discusses three steps to get started in real estate outside of your 9-5 job. Before you get started be sure to set a few goals or make … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: How to Get Started in Real Estate When You Have a Full-Time Job”

Tutorial Tuesday: Scope of Work – Part 2

Last week Mark walked through the interior of the home (Scope of Work – Part 1) located right here in Rochester, NY. In the second part of this series Mark walked through the exterior of the same home and touched upon three important traits to keep in mind when working on any housing project: quality, … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: Scope of Work – Part 2”