Tutorial Tuesday: Kingsboro Revisited (10-02-18)

housing_project_Kingsboro_Revisited For this week’s video, our Director of Operations Shawn Essler shows us the before and after shots of a recently rehabbed property in Rochester, NY. Believe it or not, we actually used this very same property a couple of Tutorial Tuesdays ago to show what an interior and exterior scope of work would look like (see videos for scope of work Part 1 and Part 2). Check out the finished housing project below.

Since the shooting of this video, an offer has been accepted for this property. Our journey from beginning to end wasn’t an easy one but the finished product speaks for itself. The tips followed in previous blog posts contributed to the success of this house flip.

Did you know that Rochester Revitalization has more properties for sale? For a list of properties click here or request a list by contacting us.

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