Meet Realtor Ashley Nowak

“They’re lots of agents out there and they’re not all equal.” We at Rochester Revitalization pride ourselves with thinking outside of the box. We go all-in or nothing at all. When it comes with working with a realtor, we expect the realtor to not just to get the job done, but also get the job … Continue reading “Meet Realtor Ashley Nowak”

Tutorial Tuesday: The Win-Win Situation

For this week’s special Tutorial Tuesday mini-series, Shawn goes over a successful story of Rochester Revitalization buying a house a son inherited from his late parents. Here the tale of this win-win situation below. Just like Shawn said in the video, if you need any help with a property, please contact us!

Tutorial Tuesday: A Story of a House

For this week’s Tutorial Tuesday, we decided to do something different. For the next couple of weeks, Shawn will walk you through Rochester Revitalization’s properties at various stages and share the story behind each one. Today’s property was acquired through a tax auction. We hate seeing what happened in the video happen to people, especially … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: A Story of a House”

Tutorial Tuesday: Working Real Estate Full-Time

Have you ever thought about getting into Real Estate Full-Time? For this Tutorial Tuesday Louis picks up where Ricky left off in last week’s video (Getting Started in Real Estate When You Have a Full-Time Job) with tips to transition from part-time to full-time. A few tips from Louis in the video: Educate yourself – … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: Working Real Estate Full-Time”

Tutorial Tuesday: How to Get Started in Real Estate When You Have a Full-Time Job

Have you thought about getting into real estate but are unsure whether you can while still working full-time? The answer to that questions is yes. This week Ricky discusses three steps to get started in real estate outside of your 9-5 job. Before you get started be sure to set a few goals or make … Continue reading “Tutorial Tuesday: How to Get Started in Real Estate When You Have a Full-Time Job”