Tutorial Tuesday: Working Real Estate Full-Time

Have you ever thought about getting into Real Estate Full-Time? For this Tutorial Tuesday Louis picks up where Ricky left off in last week’s video (Getting Started in Real Estate When You Have a Full-Time Job) with tips to transition from part-time to full-time.

A few tips from Louis in the video:
  • Educate yourself – Believe it or not, Louis still educates himself weekly by taking a weekly real estate class. Continuous learning, especially in the real estate field, is extremely important.
  • Partner up with a mentor – Whether you would like to work with us here at Rochester Revitalization or real estate professional that you know, be sure to receive some type of guidance along the way.
  • Set a financial goal with a realistic timeline – Be sure know how much you need personally and for your business each month to be sustainable. Louis in the video goes over a 3-year plan to get you going.

    Contact us or call Rochester Revitalization to how to get into real estate part-time or full-time
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